Below you will find IBEPI’s worldwide training calendar


SÉMINAIRE 1 : 25-26-27 janvier 2019 
SÉMINAIRE 2 : 22-23-24 mars 2019
SÉMINAIRE 3 : 24-25-26 mai 2019
SÉMINAIRE 4 : 20-21-22 septembre 2019
SÉMINAIRE 5 : 25-26-27 octobre 2019
SÉMINAIRE 6 : 13-14-15 décembre 2019

SÉMINAIRE de PHYTO-AROMATHERAPIE médecins-pharmaciens et thérapeutes : 1/2/3 février 2019

2 JOURNÉES CLINIQUES MÉDECINS-PHARMACIENS : jeudi 28 mars 2019 et jeudi 13 juin 2019 :

2 MODULES SPÉCIALISES DE DEUX JOURS pour les Médecins et Pharmaciens ayant suivi un cycle complet de formation : 
mercredi 20 et jeudi 21 mars 2019 : sur la Biologie des Fonctions                                                                                                          mercredi 18 et jeudi 19 septembre 2019  : sur le cancer uniquement


SÉMINAIRE 1 : 18-19-20 janvier 2019 
SÉMINAIRE 2 : 29-30-31 mars 2019
SÉMINAIRE 3 : 14-15-16 juin 2019

SÉMINAIRE de PHYTO-AROMATHERAPIE médecins-pharmaciens et thérapeutes : 1/2/3 février 2019

2019 02.01-03 d. (Module I)
2019 04.05-07 d. (Module II)
2019 06.07-09 d. (Module III)
2019 09.27-29 d. (Module IV)
2019 11.29-12.01 d. (Module V)

Module I – 2019 February 1-3
• Introduction: What is Endobiogeny, Its History. Individualized medical approach to body type.
• Autonomous nervous system: anatomy, autocoids, related clinical signs and diseases.
• Pineal gland.
• Corticotropic axis: anatomy, organs and hormones; clinical signs.
• Gonadotropic axis: anatomy, organs and hormones; clinical signs.
• Diseases associated with the nervous system and the corticotropic axis: asthma, allergies,
respiratory infections, insomnia and other sleep disorders, depression, Parkinson’s disease.
• Introduction to Biology of Functions
• Medicinal plants that are relevant to disorders of the nervous system, corticotropic and
gonadotropic axes.
• Essential oils

Module II – 2019 April 5-7
• General review
• The Thyrotropic axis: anatomy, organs and hormones. Clinical signs
• The Somatotropic axis: anatomy, organs and hormones. Clinical signs
• Medicinal plants related to the trhyotropic and the somatotropic axes.
• Calcium metabolims and Osteoporosis
• Metabolims of: Glucose/Lipids/Proteins. And their dysfunctions: hypoglycemia/Alzheimer‘s
• The Biology of functions

Module III – 2019 June 7-9
• General review
• The immune system
• Inflammatory bowel diseases and disorders of motricity
• Prostate: Adenoma and cancer
• Urinary tract infections
• Oxygen metabolism and disorders of the vascular system: hypertension, atheroma, stroke
• Medicinal plants related to the digestive system/drainage/anti-infectious plants
• Oligoelements and their use
• The Biology of functions: advanced course

Module IV – 2019 September 27-29
• General review
• The menstrual cycle: physiology and disorders
• Menopause
• Breast diseases: cysts/adenomas
• Pregnancy: physiology and the Biology of functions
• The Biology of functions: advanced course
• Workshop: general clinical exam + Biology of functions examples

Module V – 2019 November 29 – December 1
• General review
• Cancer
• The Ageing process – Physiology and signs
• Viscum-therapy
• Fasting: benefits/indications
• The Biology of functions

Continuous Endobiogeny training program

LSMUL KK Family Medicine Clinic together with Lithuanian Family Physicians College and Endobiogenic Medicine Society and Endobiogenic Medicine and Integrated Physiology Association organize a continuous Endobiogeny training program in 2019.

Who is it for : doctors of all specialties and qualifications, medical students and residents, pharmacists.
Certificates will be issued to the trainees.

Program Lecturers : M.d. Charbel Abi Chahine, doctor Noelle Vescovali, prof. Leonas Valius, prof. Nijolė Savickienė, prof. Daniel Serapin.

Price of the program :
For members of the Association of Endobiogenic Medicine and Integrated Physiology (EMIFA) and
members of the Lithuanian Family Physicians College, for each model separately, no later than one
month before the start of the training the cost of one module is 150 Eur. The cost of one module is 175
Eur at a later date.
For those who are not EMIFA or LPG, the cost of one module is 200 Eur.
If you‘d like to take this program online, cost of one module is 170 Eur – you‘ll be sent all the
information and recorded lectures directly.


2019 Modules:

1. Core Foundation 1 (April 11-14, 2019):
a. Introduction to Endobiogenic Medicine
b. the Autonomic Nervous System
c. the Corticotropic Axis
d. Endobiogenic Materia Medica for axes covered

2. Core Foundation 2 (June 20-23, 2019):
a. Review of Core 1
b. Gonadotropic Axis
c. Thyrotropic Axis
d. Endobiogenic Materia Medica for axes covered

3. Core Foundation 3 (September 5-8, 2019):
a. Review of Core 2 and Somatotropic Axis
b. Metabolism
c. Calcium Metabolism
d. Endobiogenic Materia Medica for axes covered,
e. Case Studies and Introduction to Endobiogenic Diagnostics and

4. Specialty 1 (November 9-10, 2019): Semiology and Clinical Practice
5. Specialty 2 (December 7-8, 2019): Immunity and “Dysimmunity”

2020 Modules (dates to be confirmed):
1. Specialty 3: Infections, Allergies + Pathologies of the Neurological System &
Mood Disorders
2. Specialty 4: Woman in Endobiogenic Medicine
3. Specialty 5: Dysbiosis, GIT Pathologies and Metabolic Diseases
4. Specialty 6: Gynaecological and Genitourinary Pathologies
5. Specialty 7: The Biology of Functions Blood test Modelling
6. Specialty 8: Cancer in Endobiogenic Medicine
A full Programme will be made available upon request and will be posted on the SEMIPUK
Facebook page (ask to join).

Principal Course Lecturer : Dr. Charbel Abi Chahine, President of IBEPI; Ex Emergency room doctor; General medicine with a special interest in oncology; Specialist in Integrative physiology and Endobiogenic medicine
UK Coordinator and Assistant Lecturer (Endobiogenic Materia Medica):
Sabrina Biscardi, Medical Herbalist and SEMIP-UK Director; UK coordinator
and organizer; special interest in auto-immune conditions
Assistant Programme Coordinator: Dr. Noelle Vescovali; IBEPI coordinator;
Medical consultant; Family Medicine

Biscardi,, tel: +44(0)7816650275,, FaceBook Group: SEMIP-UK

LOCATION : Central London, UK
Venue will be in a Central London location, to be confirmed closer to the
date of each Module. It is possible that some of the Specialty Modules may
also take place in other locations in the UK and Ireland.

Fee for Core Foundation Modules: £650 each
Fee for Specialty Modules: £375 each
Fee for Full Course (Core Foundation + all Specialty Modules): £4950
Early-Bird Discount for Core Foundation Modules (for individual modules or all 3): £50 off per Module if booked before February 28th, 2019
Early-Bird Discounts for Specialty Modules (for individual modules): £25 per module for bookings up to 2- months before date of the Module.
“First-15” Discount for Core Foundation Modules: Since we need 15 people to cover costs and go ahead with the training for the Core Foundation, the first 15 people to book all 3 Core Foundation Modules will receive an additional £65 off per module. This is cumulative with all Early-bird Discounts.
“First-15” Discount for Full Course Booking: The first 15 people to book for the full course (Core Foundation + all Specialty Modules) will receive an additional £400 off the total price. This is cumulative with all Early-Bird Discounts but in lieu of the First-15 Discount for the Core Foundation Module.
Deposits: A deposit of 30% of price of the each Module, Core Foundation Course or Full Course must be paid to confirm your place and benefit from any Discount. Deposits are non-refundable except if the Course or any Module thereof is cancelled by the organisers, who reserve the right to do so. In order to cover Module costs a minimum attendance of 15 people per Module is required.
Instalments: Payment in instalments is possible subject to payment of Deposit. Please contact Sabrina to
Please send the booking form at the end of this brochure to along with the Deposit payment to reserve your place

To see a complete Brochure with details and booking form please click on the FIND OUT MORE link below.