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“ Our mission is to teach Endobiogenic medicine all around the world and share our knowledge with all our colleagues. ”

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Diversity in Health and Healing

What makes it unique?

Humans are a unique biological blend. When irritated, each terrain, i.e. each body, develops its own illness; one gets a heart attack, another hypertension, and another treads a healthful path! We can’t use the same medical protocol with everyone since there are more than 8 billion diverse terrains across the globe.

Endobiogenic medicine is an integrative, “not an alternative” medicine that focuses on the hormonal/endocrine system. If we recognize the vital importance of this magnificent system, the major manager of our terrain, we may enhance its workflow, allowing it to naturally treat any disease that threatens our bodies.

We treat self-healing patients, not diseases.

Since 2017, I’ve been sharing my expertise and assisting patients with high success rates. I advise any medical doctor or healthcare practitioner to learn more about endobiogenic medicine, which brings us great delight when our patients achieve their optimal state of balance.

We care about the world and the people that inhabit it; join us in making it a better place!

Founder and President
Dr. Charbel Abi Chahine - Endobiogeny - IBEPI

Care for your health

It is the only option for living!

We care about each individual

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