The evolution of medicineL'évolution de la médecine

Breast cancer

Endobiogeny was a major discovery during my breast cancer. I quickly understood that I needed to resort to a different type of medicine than conventional medicine to heal myself, especially to manage the side effects of chemotherapy better. This neuro-endocrine approach is fascinating and so complete. I religiously took all the herbal medicine prescriptions during my treatments, and I owe it to this complementary approach that everything went so smoothly. I hardly have any sequelae from the disease, unlike many of my fellow fighters, and the hormone therapy that I must take for 10 years gives me few side effects. I am convinced that once again, it is thanks to the treatment prescribed by Doctor Abi Chahine that I am getting through all this without much difficulty. I love this integrative approach that rebalances the body when aggressive treatments, though necessary, destabilize and weaken it. The concern today is to avoid relapse, and it is inconceivable for me to interrupt these treatments; I feel truly protected not only by the treatments but by the extensive analysis of all the biological reactions in my body.