Brussels, Belgium (April 01, 2023)

IBEPI Launches Its Revolutionary Website

IBEPI Launches a Revolutionary Website - Endobiogeny - IBEPI

Today, the Belgian Institute of Endobiogeny and Integrative Physiology, under the leadership of Dr. Charbel Abi Chahine, is proud to announce the official launch of its new website. This website is destined to become the leading global reference in endobiogenic medicine, providing a holistic approach to medicine that seeks to restore the equilibrium of the body and cure it from various diseases.

After a full year of preparation, we are excited to introduce our website, which contains all of the important information about our institute, including our vision, mission, and objectives. We have shared numerous interviews, research, and blog articles, which will be updated on a regular basis with fresh content.

Our website includes an area for patients to view and schedule appointments. We have simplified over 24 diseases and disorders and described how endobiogenic medicine can assist the body in rebalancing and healing itself. Our website offers information on how endobiogenic medicine can help cure conditions ranging from allergies to diabetes and cancer.

We have developed a global directory for of endobiogenic medicine practitioners and pharmacies that offer natural supplements for treatment. This directory seeks to assist patients in locating the best healthcare practitioner for their needs.

The next phase of our website release will include the innovative part, that introduce our groundbreaking medical diagnosis technique helping medical professionals in detecting any bodily imbalances. We will also activate the Syndicate and the NGO “White Hands” association to provide additional assistance to our community. Our learning area will include a variety of training programs, seminars, online courses, and other resources. Our goal is to educate endobiogenic medicine all over the globe and to share our expertise with all of our colleagues.

Dr. Charbel Abi Chahine, President of the Belgian Institute of Endobiogeny and Integrative Physiology, said, “Our new website is a major milestone in our goal to provide holistic healthcare to patients globally. We spent months editing the material to ensure that patients and medical practitioners have access to the most up-to-date and relevant information about endobiogenic medicine. We are sure that our website will be a useful resource to the worldwide community and will provide a valuable resource to medicine.”

The Belgian Institute of Endobiogeny and Integrative Physiology welcomes everyone to explore the many tools and services available on our new website.

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