From Personal Journey to a Global Approach to Health

Sabahiyat AraBel FM with Dr. Charbel Abi Chahine

In this interview, Dr. Charbel Abi Chahine shares his personal journey that led him to discover Endobiogeny, a form of personalized medicine. This innovative and holistic medical approach honors our ancestral health knowledge and successfully integrates it with contemporary science to offer a holistic view of the individual and healing.

Dr. Abi Chahine begins the interview by discussing his medical background and explains how Endobiogeny has reshaped his perspective on health, emphasizing the critical importance of balancing the various internal systems that constitute the human body and the need for a comprehensive approach that incorporates physiological, environmental, psychological, and spiritual factors.

Dr. Abi Chahine stresses the significance of personalized treatments that respect the uniqueness and integrity of the human being. This approach, which honors human nature, promotes a deeper and more lasting healing process, going beyond mere symptom relief. Through practical examples, he illustrates the role of Endobiogeny in a healthcare system overwhelmed by symptom-focused consultations that fragment the individual.

He elaborates on the innovative blood tests used in Endobiogeny, which are crucial for detecting imbalances between the nervous and hormonal systems that lead to disease. These tests go beyond the simple analysis of blood samples, allowing for a comprehensive evaluation of the patient’s condition and enabling trained doctors to understand the complex interactions between the body’s systems and the “flaw” that causes illness. Relying on this detailed analysis, thorough clinical examination, and effective questioning, Dr. Abi Chahine highlights the ability to customize treatments for each patient.

The conversation also covers the seminars planned by the Belgian Institute of Endobiogeny “IBEPI” in Morocco, Tunisia, and Bulgaria, with future plans for Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. These seminars aim to promote Endobiogeny, disseminate integrative physiology, and focus on the innovative blood test used to assess the patient’s condition.

Dr. Abi Chahine underscores the importance of a holistic health approach that incorporates not only traditional medical treatments but also considers dietary habits, lifestyle choices, and an understanding of each individual’s unique physiological constitution.

Focusing on preventive care, personalized medicine, and the crucial role of the endocrine system in the body’s internal balance, the discussion sheds light on the need to guide patients properly, create meaningful human connections, empathy in consultations, and active listening in personal and medical interactions.

Concluding this engaging dialogue, Dr. Abi Chahine and the hosts advocate for a shift towards more personalized and patient-centered care models. By considering the individual as a whole rather than merely treating symptoms, Endobiogeny promises a more rewarding and effective healthcare experience.

The interview highlights the Belgian Institute of Endobiogeny’s tremendous efforts to promote a holistic health perspective while collaborating with conventional medicine and educating patients to actively participate in their healing, provided they are given all the necessary tools to do so.

Interviewed by: AraBel FM

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