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« Affliction comes to us, not to make us sad but sober;
not to make us sorry but wise »


Coronaviruses are « crown » viruses with a viral envelope having an RNA (Ribonucleic Acid) genome and an incredibly heavy shell for an RNA virus.

Bats and birds, as warm-blooded flying vertebrates, are their ideal hosts. These reservoir species ensure the evolution and dissemination of Coronaviruses.

SARS-CoV (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome pathogen) and MERS-CoV (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, which appeared in 2012) are part of this group of viruses, as well as Covid-19, which is currently killing thousands of people worldwide by causing major respiratory distress.

Authorities believe the best way to limit the pandemic is to impose stay-at-home orders and promote social distancing while they continue to search for a treatment and/or vaccine.  However, it will still take many months of studies and clinical trials to develop an effective remedy.

Often people expect « miracles » from a medicine although we know that disease strikes us from the outside in and that healing must come from within.

This means that a personal investment is needed for healing, where the whole person must work and « accept » to take this journey.

This psychological investment and personal commitment gives the necessary strength to a treatment and multiplies its effectiveness.

It is difficult for humanity to accept that a virus invisible to the naked eye, endowed with a particular intelligence, manages to adapt and in some cases, to escape our immune system.    


Conventional medicine and the big pharmaceutical companies are trying in vain to wage a war against the coronavirus that will most likely last for weeks, if not months, and unfortunately, result in a very large number of victims.

The most effective and quickest means available against this pandemic is the use of medicinal plants.

Our ancestors healed themselves with medicinal plants and used essential oils as a very effective therapeutic means.

Pharmaceutical companies have always sought their inspiration and sources in plants. Nearly 70% of allopathic medicines marketed by pharmaceutical companies are based on medicinal plants. Their researchers seek to extract a unique therapeutic element from the plant, then synthesize it and slightly change its molecular structure in order to obtain a patent.

However, bacteria and viruses can develop resistance to these unique molecules.

We know that essential oils have been widely studied in the 20th century and have been the subject of numerous scientific publications.

Presently, there are no bacterial, viral or parasitic resistances to an essential oil because an essential oil is comprised of more than 200 different components. It is therefore impossible for a virus to develop resistance to each one of these individual parts.

It should also be known that medicinal plants are characterized by the synergy of all their components, from which comes their therapeutic power in the different domains of their application.

Treatment with essential oils has its origins in Antiquity. They are mentioned in Egyptian papyrus, by Greek doctors, in Chinese civilization, in the formulas of Ayurvedic medicine, in naturopathy …

The French chemist René-Maurice Gattefossé (1881-1950) was the founding father of contemporary aromatherapy. The healing, antiseptic, antibacterial, and antiviral properties of essential oils are well documented and scientifically proven.  The greatest advance in phytotherapy came from Dr. Jean Valnet (1920-1995), a French doctor and surgeon who used essential oils to treat patients’ wounds.

This shows that nature has always been at our side and can once again save us.

When the « spirit » of the plant operates in human cells, the healing effect is increased positively.


The Belgian Institute of Endobiogeny and Integrative Physiology (IBEPI), under the presidency of Dr. Abi Chahine, wants to be a partner in the fight against Covid-19 and the ongoing pandemic.

IBEPI is an educational institute for health professionals. It has immersed itself in the urgent search for a solution and here presents its own findings– the result of an intense pooling of doctors skilled phyto-aromatherapy and with extensive experience in this field.

Dr. Charbel Abi Chahine, President of the IBEPI is a medical specialist in acute medicine (Emergency Room Care) and a graduate of the University of Liège, Belgium.

After working with Doctors Without Borders in Africa, he served in various emergency departments from 2003 to 2014. Prior to that, he worked in a general and orthopedic surgery department from 2000 to 2003.

He trained in Endobiogeny (Integrative Medicine) and Clinical Phytotherapy in Paris from 2012.

He currently practices in Brussels as a general practitioner and teaches Endobiogeny and Phyto-aromatherapy at the IBEPI, in Belgium and abroad.


Medicine has made great progress in many fields such as Surgery and Genetics, but it has become so specialized, that it is no longer able to look at the patient in his or her entirety and uniqueness in order to make a diagnosis. Therapeutic protocols have been developed and marketed worldwide. Doctors are led to follow these protocols to the letter, rather than developing their own conclusions.

Today’s medicine treats the sick organ or the enzyme that is dysfunctional, forgetting that the human being is composed of several complex and dynamic systems. These different systems are independent and at the same time interdependent.

Endobiogenics considers each human being as unique. It takes into consideration the notion of a dynamic interrelation between the different systems that compose us.

ALL LIFE IS A NOTION OF BALANCE which applies to each system, each function, organ, tissue, cell.  All life is a succession of an infinite number of physiological phenomena in perpetual movement: CATABOLISM-ANABOLISM, allowing the organism to maintain its structure in a state of functioning, to face exogenous or endogenous aggressions.

Each aggression leads to a metabolic response which must be well balanced in quantity and quality in order to return to a new state of equilibrium.

Disease occurs when the metabolic response (e.g. inflammation and/or immune response) to the aggression is inadequate in time, quantity and quality.

Disease appears when the harmony between the different systems is no longer respected.

This brings us to the end of 2019 when the coronavirus epidemic begins…

IBEPI has developed a formula in the form of phyto-antiviral capsules based on several essential oils as well as dry extracts of plants that protect the lungs and stimulate immunity.

These capsules are manufactured by Belgian pharmacists who have a long experience in phyto-aromatherapy.

An expanding group of patients and health professionals have already benefited from these capsules with very encouraging results.

Alongside this formula, it is certainly necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle: a diet protecting the pancreas; for example (no dairy products, no cooked fats, low in sugar, etc.) in order to help the body in its fight against this violent aggressor.


Currently, these capsules have been tested by 105 people.

  • 35 are health care professionals (doctors, nurses working on the front line at hospitals) of whom 12 have tested positive for coronavirus while continuing to work.
    • Those who did not show any symptoms still do not have any.
    • Those who are positive, show signs of improvement in their condition.
  • 80 are patients of whom 10 tested positive for coronavirus and 2 had acute pneumonia. The latter 2 saw their health improve without requiring hospitalization.
  • 20 are non-hospital healthcare professionals in regular contact with patients with the disease. None have any symptoms.
  • The others have been put on preventive treatment and show no symptoms, but have not been tested due to lack of available tests


  • T: « Working in a high-risk environment, I started taking capsules based on essential oils and other mixtures of plants prescribed by Dr. Abi Chahine since Monday 23/3 because I felt a strong flu state and intense fatigue. Coronavirus? Another type of flu? I was afraid of catching pneumonia. After several days of treatment, my symptoms started to improve. I’m slowly regaining my energy. Dr. Abi Chahine also asked me to spread essential oils at home to protect my family. I am delighted that I feel better and that my whole family is safe and sound.”
  • M : « During the week of March 23rd and at my request, Dr. Abi Chahine treated me in his office. I am suffering from cancer and I am undergoing chemotherapy. I was coughing hard and I had a temperature of 38.5 C. I didn’t have any difficulties breathing, but the cough bothered me a lot. Weakened by the temperature and the chemotherapy, the doctor reassured me that my vital signs, according to him were good. I left his office with a prescription based on essential oils and a mixture of plants to be taken at the rate of 2 capsules 3 times a day. It is Monday, April 6th and I feel better. My condition has never deteriorated and this is the first day I feel alive again. Thank you.”
  • L: « I presented myself at the Endobiogeny consultation on Tuesday, March 24th. I was sweating, out of breath and shivering. I felt weak with pain all over my body. After a thorough clinical examination and a suspicion of coronavirus infection, I came out of the consultation with several prescriptions, including one based on capsules composed of essential oils to fight the coronavirus. I took 6 capsules a day. My condition never deteriorated. I remained confined to my home, drinking soups, herbal teas and diffusing essential oils. I feel better but not yet at 100% of my abilities. I’m slowly regaining my strength and I’m glad I didn’t have to go to the hospital.”


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