Dr Charbel Abi Chahine


Dr. Charbel Abi Chahine
Rue Edith Cavell 66, 1080 Brussels, Belgium
Mobile: + (32) 495161889 | Email: charbelabichahine@icloud.com

Emergency Medicine Specialist / Physician (Emergency Medicine)

  • Versatile and highly accomplished medical professional offering over 11 years of experience in the areas of general medicine, emergency patient care, surgery,, team management, and handling a number of activities of the emergency department in medical and health care sector.
  • Excellent credentials in emergency medicine and holding a title as a specialist in acute medicine for successfully investing 10,000 hours in emergency department and acquiring other relevant certifications.
  • Skilled in leading resuscitation transformations and utilising emergency medicine knowledge, strategic insight, and sharp planning techniques in diagnosing, treating, and achieving the desired results.
  • Illustrious career track record as a general practitioner, progressively shaping career as an expert in the medical field performing life-saving interventions in time-sensitive situations.
  • Specialised in trauma care providing treatment in blunt force, vascular, and respiratory conditions.
  • Expertise in quick diagnosis, understanding the nature of the treatment required, and providing speedy assistance through surgery or medication as required.
  • An excellent communicator conversant with four major languages with the ability to work in ever-evolving medical environments. Proven ability to effectively interact with people of diverse nationalities; comfortable working in a multicultural setting.

Core Competencies

Diagnosis | Patient Care | Treatment Planning | Counselling | Quick Response and Treatment | Training and Mentoring | Administration | Prescribing Medicine | Interdepartmental Coordination | Equipment Handling | Subordinate Handling

Trauma | Head Injury | Musculoskeletal Injury | Burns | Vascular and Neurological Emergencies | Abdominal Conditions | Cardiology | Respiratory Medicine | Toxicology | Acid Base Disorders | Fluid and Electrolytes | Endocrinology

Special Mention

  • Key contributor in carrying out work and publication in Spine Surgery instrumentation; presented work at the GIEDA Congress in Paris.
  • Publication about neurostimulation in spine surgery 2002; published research work in Le Rachis in October 2004.
  • Participated and acquired a certificate in ‘War Surgery’ from Red Cross Centre, Geneva in 2002.
  • Served for ‘Doctors Without Borders’ mission for two months in Chad, Africa in the year 2000.

Key Deliverables

  • Responding to emergency medical/health problems presented by patients, including taking medical history, diagnosis, investigation, treatment, and referral as appropriate.
  • Providing appropriate and prompt treatment for internal injuries and trauma resulting out of accidents.
  • Maintaining confidentiality of patient information and showing impartiality in treatment.
  • Commissioning health care by liaising with medical professionals in the community and hospital.

Career Progression

Consultant in Endobiogeny                                                                                             Nov.12-present 
Nutrition and Natural Medicine
2 years training in Paris, at SIMEPI

Chief Assistant, Emergency Department                                                                       Feb 2011- Aug 2014
Full time contract Consultant
Clinic Bois de l’Abbaye, Seraing , Belgium

.Chief Assistant, Full time contract
as a Specialist consultant in Emergency Medicine                                                       April 2010 – Jan 2011
Emergency Department,
Clinic André Renard, Herstal, Belgium

Full time contract as a Bachelor in Emergency Medicine                                         July 2004 – March 2010
At Clinic André Renard, Herstal Belgium

 Bachelor in Emergency Medicine                                                                                      Sep 2002 – Jun 2004
From Liège University faculty of Medicine 
years program.

Full time Assistant in Orthopaedic Surgery                                                                  July 2001 – June 2004
At Hospital Center Haute Senne
Soignies, Belgium
Chief of Dept. Dr. Lokietek J-C

Assistant in General Surgery at Hospital Center Haute Senne                                  July 2000 – June 2001
Soignies, Belgium : full time assistant
Chief of General Surgery Dept. Dr. Delaere J

Graduated from the Faculty of Medicine                                                                            July 2000
Liège University Belgium


  • One year of General Surgery Internship, Hospital Center Haute Senne, Soignies, Belgium.
  • Three years of Orthopaedic Surgery Internship, Hospital Center Haute Senne, Soignies, Belgium.
  • Bachelor in Emergency Dept of Clinic André Renard, Herstal, Belgium
  • Specialist in Emergency Medicine obtained in April 2010
  • Certificate in Endobiogeny and Phytotherapy ( Integrative physiology) : 2 years training in Paris, France (2011-2013)

Educational Qualifications

General Medicine Certification                                                                                          Sep 1993 – Jul 2000
Belgian Medical Board

Surgery assistant : General and Orthopaedic surgery                                                     Jul 2000 –  Jun 2004
Clinic Haute Senne, Soignies , Belgium
And Meanwhile: following the courses
In Bachelor in Emergency Medicine

Bachelor in Emergency Medicine                                                                                        Sep 2002 Jun 2004
Belgian Medical Board

Chief of a Project Called P.I.T                                                                                              Apr 2010 – Oct 2010
P.I.T (Paramedical Intervention Team)
Clinic André Renard, Herstal, Belgium

Specialist in Emergency Medicine                                                                             April 2010- August 2014

Consultant in Phytotherapy – Endobiogeny– Natural Medicine                                Nov 2012 –  Current
And main teacher of Endobiogeny in many countries

Professional Development

  • War Surgery Certificate, Red Cross Geneva, Switzerland
  • Specialist in Acute Medicine, April 2010
  • Electrocardiogram Diploma, 2004
  • European Resuscitation Certificate in Basic and Advanced Life Support for Adults
  • European Resuscitation Certificate in Basic and Advanced Life Support for Newborns and Infants
  • Consultant in Natural Medicine and Endobiogeny: Private consultation
  • President of the Belgian Institute of Endobiogeny and integrative Physiology
  • Main teacher of Endobiogeny, Aromatherapy and Phytotherapy in many countries: Belgium, England and Lithuania

Personal Details

Date of Birth                : 27th July, 1970
Gender                          : Male
Nationality                   : Lebanese/Belgian
Marital Status              : Single
Driving Licence           : International
Languages Known       : English, Arabic, French, and Spanish

WEBSITE: www.endobiogeny.eu

References available upon request