The endobiogenic approach:

  • is an innovative integrative clinical approach that relies on a very advanced modeling of the biological mechanisms;
  • emphasizes the priority of using methods of care that are as close as possible to the patient’s physiology, in the perspective of being the least iatrogenic possible. Here, phtyto-aromatherapy is essential: by the meticulousness of its targeted therapeutic actions, by its de facto chronobiology, by its proven effects cited in many international publications and by an experience that is often millenary;
  • nevertheless, also knows how to use so-called academic medicine, where it is modern and useful, especially in para-clinical radiological and biological examinations, in surgery, in emergency; and if chemical medications are chosen, they will be used within an integrative vision and with a concern for limiting side effects;
  • takes into account the latest scientific articles in international medical and scientific research;
  • aims to establish a truly humanistic medicine, both preventive and curative, respectful of the individual’s personal specificity and will involve his responsibility and activity in the management of his own health.

Endobiogeny takes into consideration the functional physiology of the individual in its uniqueness and in its entirety, as well as in the relativity of the dynamic interrelations of the different systems that constitute it.

It involves the implementation of an integrative approach that respects the patient, tries to understand the meaning of the disease and installs a therapeutic strategy based on medicinal plants.

It considers that the disease is not simply an “accident” triggered by a single factor; it is also – and first – a signal that “something” has gone wrong in the body. Thus the disease constitutes the final expression of the different physiological disturbances peculiar to the individual.

To bring back “order” in this organism, which can seem “chaotic”, it is necessary of understand the functioning of the physiological mechanisms which manage its capacities for self- protection and self- repair. From this understanding, the patient’s specific modalities of dysregulation will become apparent and a treatment plan developed. This type of treatment will permit the organism to rebalance itself and repossess all maintenance means which ensure its stability.

Endobiogeny was founded over 40 years ago by a French researcher and doctor, Dr. Christian DURAFFOURD.
Endobiogenic Medicine is a global medicine that does fragment human beings. It is a curative and preventive medicine: it will support and accompany the body in its daily dynamic defense and self-repair through the secretions of the neuro-endocrine system and when needed assist with medicinal plants.

Finally, and central to Endobiogenic Medicine, is a modern conception of total biological activity. It is a mathematical model of biological simulation called the Biology of Function. This major diagnostic tool was developed by Dr. Duraffourd himself, and then put into a computer analysis program by Mr. Patrice PAULY, researcher in mathematics and computer scientist. This Biology of Function gives us an indication of the different hormones’ activities and their interaction on our organs.

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