The teaching program in Endobiogeny

Endobiogenic Medicine is based on modern physiology. It is a theory, conceived and developed by the french doctor Christian Duraffourd.

Endobiogeny is a terrain theory. It considers the endocrine system to be the true manager of the human body. The courses are based on the most recent discoveries in endocrinology, physiology and pathology. 
The body is represented as an interrelated system at all levels.  During our training program, integrative physiology is highly detailed.  

The student will also learn how to approach every patient as a unique person and will develop his ability to understand and interpret a blood test.   

By the end of the training, the student is able to understand the biological modeling system, an algorithm that quantifies the functional abilities of the organism to face the stressors.   

This biological model helps the practitioner to better understand the root causes of pathologies and establish a more precise diagnostic and treatment.   

The biological modeling system permets to calculate more than 100 indices to understand the relation between the different hormones and their activity in the maintenance of homeostasis.   

A full course of Phytotherapy is taught according to the theory of Endobiogeny.                                  

PROGRAM 2021 to 2023-  for physicians and pharmacists

PROGRAM 2021 to 2023-  for herbalists and paramedics