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    Endobiogenic medicine does, in fact, treat newborns, pregnant women, and children.

    Endobiogenic medicine values the integrity of the human body. It primarily treats patients with medicinal plants.

    Our doctors have been trained to use medicinal plants carefully in conjunction with chemotherapy and radiation therapy. We thoroughly examine each patient protocol and treat each case individually.

    There is no need to discontinue your medicine prior to the blood test. Sporting activities must be suspended 48 to 72 hours before the blood test.

    1. Professionals and educated doctors use plants. If used correctly, the plants are not dangerous.
    2. We use Galenic in a variety of forms, including essential oils, infusions, mother tinctures, dry extracts, and so on.

    Endobiogenic Medicine is a type of integrative medicine that is founded on the most recent discoveries about human physiology. Belgium, France, England, Lithuania, and Bulgaria are all familiar with this approach. It was created in the early 1980s and needs to be spread throughout the globe.

    This approach’s primary goal is to treat cancer and autoimmune diseases. A disease appears when the buffer system is weakened, which occurs when the body is overwhelmed by various types of aggressions that can impair the organism’s ability to adjust. The neuroendocrine system can no longer sustain equilibrium.

    It is dependent on the type of cancer and the patient’s needs. Every case is unique and should be closely analyzed.

    Each case is unique. Every patient’s needs and requirements should be considered when making decisions. Cancer patients require careful attention every 2 to 3 months at times. Autoimmune diseases must be checked every 3 to 4 months.

    Surely. We collaborate with colleagues both inside and outside of hospitals, writing notes and informing them about each case and the patient’s progress.