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“ Our vision is to restore the balance of every human on the globe in the most natural and effective manner possible ”

Through the devotion of our doctors, trainees, students, and staff, we will turn this vision into a reality!

Our mission is to teach endobiogenic medicine all around the world and share our knowledge with all our colleagues. It is structured on three components: 

Committed to providing exceptional patient care with devotion to and attention for each patient, Dr. Charbel Abi Chahine founded the Belgian Institute of Endobiogeny and Integrative Physiology (NPO) in 2017 with a group of doctors, pharmacists, and specialists to promote Endobiogenic medicine around the world.

Our researchers are developing cutting-edge medical therapies to address some of the greatest health challenges of the twenty-first century, namely COVID-19, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, metabolic diseases, neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, diseases affecting children, and infectious diseases, particularly those affecting the developing world.

The Institute’s objective is to teach health professionals about endobiogenic medicine, provide them with access to research, knowledge, and innovative tools, so that they can use new keys and means to understand the patient’s body and use clinical Phytotherapy, as well as to educate the public about natural medicine and help them take full responsibility for their health.

Founder’s Message

Restoring Human Balance

The Institute has evolved in response to current challenges and opportunities, while remaining committed to its mission of improving human health. The Belgian Institute of Endobiogeny and Integrative Physiology is in a unique position to speed up its efforts in medicine and have a major and beneficial influence on the health of individuals in Belgium and around the globe. We strive towards meeting the greatest standards of excellence in clinical care, study, and education.

We have created a comprehensive resource for patients and medical practitioners to learn about endobiogenic medicine, a holistic approach that restores the body’s equilibrium and cures various diseases. Our website includes a range of information, from our mission and vision to patient appointments, a global directory of practitioners and pharmacies, and a groundbreaking medical diagnosis technique. We hope to provide a valuable resource to the worldwide community and educate others on the benefits of endobiogenic medicine.

It is a major milestone in our goal to provide holistic healthcare to patients globally!

Founder and President
Dr. Charbel Abi Chahine - Endobiogeny - IBEPI

We care about the world and its people

The values that fuel our endeavors

Through the devotion of our doctors, trainees, students, and staff, we will turn this vision into a reality!

The people driving our success

Meet our Team of Experts

We are proud to have a dedicated team of doctors and specialists with diverse interests and backgrounds, who are committed to restoring balance and harmony to your life. Our team is united by a shared passion for helping you achieve optimal health and wellness!

Dr. Charbel Abi Chahine - Endobiogeny - IBEPI

Dr. Charbel Abi Chahine

President & chief trainer of IBEPI, emergency doctor, internship supervisor, phytotherapist

Dr. Samira Yatouji - Endobiogeny - IBEPI

Dr. Samira Yatouji

Vice-president of IBEPI, general practitioner, internship supervisor

Ph. Sleyman Dandan - Endobiogeny - IBEPI

Ph. Sleiman Dandan

Pharmacist, IBEPI trainer

Mr. Youssef Rahhali - Endobiogeny - IBEPI

Mr. Youssef Rahhali

Administrative coordinator

Dr. Bernadette Goffart - Endobiogeny - IBEPI

Dr. Bernadette Goffart

Endobiogenist doctor

Dr. Caroline De Dixmude - Endobiogeny - IBEPI

Ms. Caroline De Dixmude

Naturopathist, nutritionist

Dr. Catherine Van Thienen - Endobiogeny - IBEPI

Dr. Catherine Van Thienen

Stomatologist, nutritionist

Dr. Chantal Gonze - Endobiogeny - IBEPI

Dr. Chantal Gonze


Dr. Elvira Baneth - Endobiogeny - IBEPI

Dr. Elvira Baneth

General practitioner

Enza - Endobiogeny - IBEPI

Ms. Enza

Secretary of the institute

Mr. Fabio Farah - Endobiogeny - IBEPI

Mr. Fabio Farah

Director global marketing and communications

Ms. Magdalena Talboom - Endobiogeny - IBEPI

Ms. Magdalena Talboom

Medical secretary

Dr. Najwa El Youssoufi - Endobiogeny - IBEPI

Ms. Najwa El Youssoufi

Naturopath, nutritionist, acupuncturist

Dr. De Marcken - Endobiogeny - IBEPI

Dr. Philippine de Marcken

General practitioner

Dr. Rym Zoughlami - Endobiogeny - IBEPI

Ms. Rym Zoughlami

Naturopathist, nutritionist

Dr. Sinaa Oussiai - Endobiogeny - IBEPI

Dr. Sinaa Oussiai

General practitioner

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