The evolution of medicineL'évolution de la médecine

Chronic Diseases

When I met Dr. Abi-Chahine, I had been suffering for many years from several chronic diseases that had led me to consult many specialists and that obliged me to take various medications for life to alleviate their inconveniences. What impressed me the most during my first consultation was that he traced all my symptoms, established a coherence between all of them and pointed out the origin of my different problems, all this based on a “simple” blood test! Then, even more surprising, he seemed to consider that my problems could be solved by suppressing my medications, replacing them with natural remedies: plants, essential oils, gemmotherapy, food supplements… A little skeptical at first I admit (I had been seeing specialists for more than 20 years and had learned to live with my problems), I decided to trust him. And the miracle happened… Gradually I was weaned off all my medications and replaced them with natural remedies, I began to feel better, to lead a completely normal life, without pain, without invasive or even disabling symptoms. Of course, I know that it is important to keep a follow-up, to take blood tests from time to time and to continue to treat myself naturally when necessary. But what a joy to feel healthy. This meeting and this approach have changed my life.