The evolution of medicineL'évolution de la médecine

Digestive and Sleeping Problems

8 years ago I was having digestive and sleeping problems. My intestines were continually blocked, I had frequent bouts of nausea both day and night. I was extremely tired during the day and could hardly sleep at night. The hospital doctors were proposing a rather invasive diagnostic approach, with unsaid but very present in there minds, a research of a hidden cancer. At that time I attended a conference given by a naturopath, who spoke about the diagnostic approach of Endobiogeny. After some research I discovered the Dr. Abi Chahine in Belgium, who was using this approach. The first interview was rather astonishing in its complete and through investigation. He use the Biology of Function, a very extensive case history and a total body examination to establish a diagnostic that was related to how I was functioning in my body, mind and emotions. This lead to a first 3 month prescription of plants in their mother tinctures and others in their gemmo (embryonic) form. I had never heard of most of these plants. After about 3 weeks I began to feel much better and over this first period most of my symptoms disappeared, for the most part to never return. I continued bi-yearly consultations with him.